To Trump or Not to Trump

Donald Trump Feature

Seemingly no topic in the history of mankind has captivated the political press quite like the rise of 2016 presidential candidate Donald J. Trump. This statement doesn’t even feel hyperbolic any more. So with The Donald polling at the top of the list of GOP contenders in late summer, Aaron McIntire and myself return triumphantly¬†to¬†the […]

Hillary, the President and Junior High


It’s finally happened. The talking heads have long speculated that Hillary Clinton would attempt to somehow distance herself from the President in the run up to her expected second bid at the Oval Office. Recently, she opined that President Obama wasn’t doing the best at the whole foreign policy thing – particularly in the Middle […]

Post-Summit Musings on GOP 2016


The esteemed Brink Brickly is recently returned from the Family Leadership Summit in Ames, Iowa. There he saw GOP luminaries Huckabee, Jindal, Perry, Santorum, Cruz & more as they wooed conservative advocates in the key early state. We examine Brink’s experience and look to the potentially-presidential future in the following manners:

Obama Stuns Nation, Switches Parties

Obama Change Meme

WASHINGTON DC, AF — This morning, in one of the most stunning reversals in American political history, President Barack Obama declared he has switched his political allegiance from the Democratic Party to the Republican Party, effective at noon tomorrow. In a startling press conference in the Rose Garden early today, Obama stepped to the podium, […]