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Obama Change Meme

WASHINGTON DC, AF — This morning, in one of the most stunning reversals in American political history, President Barack Obama declared he has switched his political allegiance from the Democratic Party to the Republican Party, effective at noon tomorrow.

In a startling press conference in the Rose Garden early today, Obama stepped to the podium, smiling widely, and detailed the background to his history-making decision. He was joined on the dais by his pet Portuguese Water Dog & a familiar looking man in a dark suit, slightly reminiscent of that guy in the photo that comes inside a new picture frame. The transcript from his address is re-produced below in its entirety: Continue Reading…


President Obama has often been described as the smartest President that has ever drawn breath. Yet in a White House bash last week he was unable to correctly spell the word ‘respect’. This remarkable moment gives us pause to analyze the disparate treatment that conservatives & liberals receive in regards to their intellectual prowess.

We hearken back Vice President Quayles’ infamous spelling bee incident with the word ‘potato’. It’s tough to miss the double standard at work, especially when you take into account previous Presidential factual misadventures such as the declaration that our nation contains 57 states.

We discuss these issues in a mirthful fashion on the latest GooseRadio podcast…


CPAC closed up shop this weekend with a flurry of speeches that saw all the big stars on the right strutting their rhetorical stuff.

Old Brink Brickly & myself take a look at the performances of Governor Mike Huckabee, Ted Cruz, Chris Christie & the gang.

The Brink-ster things that Huck really helped himself in the youthful presidential sweepstakes with his appeal to social conservatives. We chat about Christie’s surprisingly warm sendoff after his remarks & one of us has a cow over his line regarding winning elections and principles.

Then it’s on to Ted Cruz. We note a recent epiphany regarding his wacky biographical similarity to someone who may surprise you. Rick Perry, Bobby Jindal, Rand Paul & more make appearances… as well as – less understandably – old Scottish ballads and Russel Crowe films.

It’s CPAC with an unmitigated General Sense of Well Being…

Obama Ditches the Shame

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When the President ran for the White House the first time, he indicated he needed to go and rescue the nation from an executive branch that – under President GW Bush – was just bullying the rest of the government around and basically doing whatever it very well wanted. He said he would go in there and return us to the way the constitution said things should be between the branches of government and champion people’s rights and that stuff.

Well, here we are just over 5 years into his presidency, and he’s expanded the power of the presidency even further than that other guy. Just in the last weeks’ comes news that he’s changing the dates when the employer mandate to provide insurance under that sweet new healthcare law goes into effect. Not changing the settled, passed law of the land mind you (as sucky as that thing is…). He’s just doing it, and the HHS is telling people that’s the way it is.

Brink and I are, as you might expect, displeased. We discuss how this phenomenon, exhibited as well in regards to the minimum wage and issues like gay marriage, could possibly be gaining this kind of steam in light of the President’s campaign rhetoric. In the end, we decide it has a lot to do with the collective level of shame in the halls of the District of Columbia.

It’s a General Sense of Well Being that President Obama can’t veto below…

Considering ‘Mitt’

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Netflix Mitt Poster

Entertainment, Information & a General Sense of Well Being makes its way to Netflix’s recently released documentary ‘Mitt’. This is no ordinary flick – a filmmaker found himself with intimate access to the Romney family for seven years & two presidential runs. So what did he find? What kind of cat was Mitt Romney really?

Brink Brickly comes alongside once more as we tackle the humanizing portrayal offered in the movie. This is the guy that the Romney campaign was simply never able to get across to the whole country – someone with character, a sense of humor, and humility. We grappled with the treatment the family and the man received and wonder why anyone would want to actually put themselves & their family through the brutality required to become President.

Manifold insights and unmitigated mirth await you in the latest GooseRadio Podcast…


We’ve had a week to digest the State of the Union. Was it weird that we didn’t hear anything new five years into the President’s term? Where was the whole Obamacare business in that speech? Brink & I tackle the speech & the opportunities the Presidents’ job performance may just offer the GOP this November. Brink also gets annoyed with John McCain. Sidle up to the play button below and voyage with us toward entertainment, information & a general sense of well being…


Sure she tried to inflict national health care on us before her former foe… yes, she thinks we’re all part of a ‘vast right wing conspiracy’… and ya, she’s married to one of history’s all time greats at the art of truth-stretching… but you gotta be amazed at some of the things Hillary Clinton can do!

Brink & I sit down to discuss the epic personage of Hillary. Can any GOPer beat her in 2016? Do we need to alter our tried & true formula of nominating a middle aged white guy? And what was with Ross Perot and that ‘giant sucking sound’?! That’s right. We discuss it all on this GooseRadio short…


It’s Entertainment, Information & General Sense of Well Being brought to bear on the big apology this past week from President Obama on his epic health care promise. It was sort of weak right? I mean… it had iterations… & like manifold layers. We discuss whether we feel apologized to or nay.

Then it’s some discussion of the substance – laden Mayor of Toronto Rob Ford. How about this guy?! What is going on up there and what does it tell us about the human race and it’s current condition?! Continue Reading…

Inconceivable Meme

Seriously. There was no way to see this coming.


Change Meme

But… what about… hey…