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Old Eddie Moscow, after spending some quality time in the Russian heartlands, emerged this week to chat with venerable NBC anchor Brian Williams.

He wanted people to know that he meant well, and really was quite the patriot looking out for all of us by giving all that sensitive information to the Red Chinese and basically Red, basically Soviets. Also — he would like us to know that he was really sort of a James-Bond-esque spy character who didn’t just hang out with computers.

Brink offers some compelling recommendations for pastimes that Ed can now take up when he’s not kicking it with Vlad. I express once more my amazement that Eddie is still with us here on earth. We discuss the reasons why the CIA hasn’t pulled the proverbial plug, and somehow end up discussing Russian female tennis stars.

It’s a trek to the land of the star & the sickle on this very latest GooseRadio Podcast. Let us go forward together unto Entertainment, Information & a General Sense of Well Being!

Obama Cameron Putin

What is the supreme potentate of Russia thinking? Why are there Russian goons all over Crimea (and now it appears moving further into The Ukraine)? And what went down in Kiev to get this whole kerfuffle moving?

We bring our best thinking caps to bear on the madness in Eastern Europe as Brink Brickly details the history of the crisis. Where has the West been while all of this has accelerated? Could we have done anything?

Unsurprisingly, Brink and I don’t have kind words for the Obama Administration, Hillary Clinton & the policy of ‘the reset button’ with our increasingly Soviet-esque ‘former’ foes.

Entertainment, Information & General Sense of Well Being are marshaled to meet the Russian Bear below…


So how about that deal Kerry nabbed us with the Iranians?! Ya!

Is it weird that they just keep saying over & over again that they want to obliterate Israel and holding people in deplorable prisons simply because they’re Christians… basically threatening the peace of the world and all manners of human decency… but somehow they’re regarded as being in a real push toward moderation?

In a rejoinder to recent comments by Twin Cities’ based talker Jason Lewis, Brink & I take the mics once more to talk the Ayatollah and the Iranians…

“After Mr. Morsi’s ouster, Islamist mobs in the village of Dagala in that province looted one church, burned a building belonging to another and surrounded Christian homes, shattering their windows with rocks and clubs, EIPR said….”

The New York Times

The creatures of Huffpost report that sightings of Romney / Ryan t shirts are finally popping up in Africa! Look at these well dressed lads. I’ll bet they have an inexplicable sensation of hope & economic strength as well.

Apparently the shirts are a gift from the cats who ran Romney’s campaign in Knox County, Tennessee. Well played all around. Except for the election part…

"Palestinian schoolboys are learning how to fire Kalashnikovs, throw grenades and plant improvised explosive devices as part of a programme run by Hamas's education ministry."

- The Telegraph

Well but if the Israelis would just give up some more land… stop building some settlements… I”m sure the Palestinians would calm down completely and everything would be ok. It”s not like they”re institutionally passing on hatred and resentment like it”s a class or something…


Not used to saying this… .

“This guy [Kim] is a clown. He’s a fool, so was his father and so was his grandfather. But they do have nuclear weapons. they do have missiles… in caves is artillery which can be fired before we can take them out,” McCain said on Fox News. “There’s a city of Seoul with millions of people. This is very dangerous business. Now logically, would he ever contemplate such a thing? I think it’s pretty clear this guy and his father and grandfather didn’t think like us.”

“The key to this is China. The Chinese can control what the North Koreans do.”

Thatcher's Tenacity

She will be greatly missed!


Nooooooooo! Anything but this!

But thankfully… they say it”s gastroenteritis… which is apparently a very large and scary word for a stomach online casinos bug. Common enough… but everything is a pretty big deal when you”re 86.

Prayers for the Queen! She”s awesome!

Update – Word.

The ‘Frenchman’… who is now America’s most prestigious representative to the wider world… just speaking French in Paris.

The tears. This is where we are my friends!